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Every ecommerce entrepreneur has a starting point, and nothing can give you that nudge in the right direction like an inspirational story or a clearly written how-to guide. That’s why it’s always smart to look to the experts for inspiration, advice, or guidance. From telling their own story to providing insight into some little-known facts about how to make it in a competitive business world, some fantastic reads are guaranteed to offer insight into practices that are time-proven, effective, and guaranteed to motivate you.


Listed here are some books for the every ecommerce entrepreneur should read, regardless of where you are in the process. Whether you’re still percolating an idea, developing a business plan, looking for investors, or considering the issue of scalability for your already-successful business, these are reads that look at some of the most significant areas of business success, such as marketing, metrics and analytics, branding, and other general practices.


Every potential ecommerce entrepreneur should read The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf before conceiving of and writing up a business plan. Steve Blank is a startup expert who unlocks the main secrets of getting your business off the ground with an easy-to-follow guide. His greatest interest is in helping owners build the foundations of a successful business that will be capable of scalability over time. In this text, the authors detail the strategies founders need for getting, keeping, and growing a customer base and delineate the deadly sins of business and how to avoid them. This manual, complete with a range of DIY checklists, should be on your must-have reading list.


The Art of the Start 2.0: The Time-Test, Battled Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything is written by Guy Kawasaki. It is a well-written guide to making a new product, service, or idea a success and launching your business efficiently and effectively. It explains how, due to the wide range of accessible advice for business owners on everything from recruiting to branding, many business owners get sidetracked or paralyzed by the mountain of information available to them. Guy explains how recent changes to the ways businesses are conducted have forever altered how we advertise, market, and even foundationally plan and launch a business.


From using social media to create consumer loyalty to using crowdfunding as a viable alternative to investors, building a business means you need to know how to effectively utilize all of the new tools available to you, while concurrently mastering all of the fundamental challenges of running a business that have not changed.


Convert!: Designing Websites to Increase Traffic and Conversion by Ben Hunt will help solve your online traffic issues and turn online browsers into buyers. Convert! is written to help the commerce entrepreneur understand the essentials of online traffic, including your market, your product, and your delivery and use that information to create a site that is viewed by the right people. It identifies powerful solutions and easy fixes to ensure that your consumers have a compelling experience on your business site in order to improve its conversion rate. In this book, you will begin to understand the holistic nature of website optimization, explore a myriad of techniques for building traffic and engaging your audience, and eventually design a creative solution in order to get the best results from your business site.


Brian Clifton’s book, Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics is comprehensive, covering everything from the fundamentals using gathered data to advise for applying them over time. Because Google Analytics is a free tool used by millions of website owners, it is accessible to ecommerce entrepreneurs on a tight budget. Its revised interface and new features can offer even more ways to increase the value and effectiveness of your website if used correctly. This book teaches you how to use it to your advantage.


If you’re looking to extend your experience, you might want to also look at his 2015 book release, Successful Analytics: Gain Business Insights by Managing Google Analytics, which assists data managers who need information in critical areas and tips for best practices.


In addition to the texts suggested here, eCommerce business owners should always find and use the latest online tools, resources, and blogs that can provide timely information on a variety of topics and provide you and your business with an often-necessary shot of renewed enthusiasm for the work itself.


What are some must-have reads you would recommend? We would love to hear your suggestions!

We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful country such as Australia on this lovely planet of our. Australia contains some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. With their breathtaking natural sites such as the majestic mountains and peaceful beaches as well as their gorgeous islands and tropical rain forests a native, Kevin Sheehan would have been most fortunate and blessed to be born in such an amazing country. The Whitsunday islands is one of the most impressive beaches in Australia for the serenity felt upon arrival as well as the beautiful scenery. One of the most overwhelming sites to see is the beautiful wild life. From the friendly looking kangaroos to the cuddly looking koalas that you just feel like squeezing in your arms! Careful! They are not as cuddly as they appear. Though it is known to have some of the world’s most dangerous animals, with much care one can still experience the wildlife. The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park will leave you awestruck with the spectacular rocky scenery! One must take advantage of the scenery during sunset, it is quite a site to see. How can you deny the amazing barrier reefs that spread about 2300 kilometres wide. No wonder it is known as one of the great wonders of this world. The painted cliffs on the Maria Island will leave you stunned with its dramatic and extravagant cliffs that truly give the impression of actual paintings.  The list could really go on and on as there is no ending to the magnificence and beauty of Australia.


Australia, a special place

What makes Australia so distinct is the fact that you can go to certain parts of Australia and experience the desert life, whiles you can go to other places and experience the rainforest. There is no ending to the beauty of this country. One of the greatest wonders in Australia is the Pink Lake which is found at the edge of Middle Island which is situated off the Southern coast of Western Australia. Australia is a must-see country! Everyone must at least visit this beautiful country ones in their lifetime.

Running a business is expensive, and some costs you just can’t get around, like the cost of a good attorney or the price of keeping customers satisfied. While you shouldn’t cut costs in some areas, there are others in which you can make simple adjustments and save yourself hundreds.


Areas in Which You Can Cut Costs




Marketing is extremely important. It’s what gets the word out about your business and draws in customers. As important as it is, though, there are some ways that you can save money and cut your costs when it comes to your marketing department. For example, instead of hiring somebody to come up with a slogan or design a logo, you can use an online slogan generator or free logo designer.


You can also shift your focus more towards digital marketing and your efforts online. While snail mail campaigns and billboards and banners still have their place and purpose, the costs can add up quickly after the design, the printing, the postage, etc. Instead, focusing on your digital marketing efforts will save you a lot of money since a lot of it, (like SEO), can be done for free or cheap.




You need your employees to keep your business running, and they’re part of what makes it so great. Although you shouldn’t go firing your entire staff and trying to do it all yourself, there are some ways that you can cut costs and save when it comes to personnel. One way to save is to let employees telecommute—this will mean that you can get away with a smaller office and they can use their own equipment, so you don’t have to furnish any. Another way that you can cut costs is by outsourcing certain roles and projects.


Not all positions are long-term/permanent positions and since hiring an employee can cost more than the project is worth, outsourcing to a freelancer or hiring a short-term, contract employee can save you a lot of money and cut down your employee costs.


Equipment and Tools


Whether you run a corporate office or a labor business, you need certain tools and equipment to keep your company running. From computers to phones or backhoes to cement mixers, the cost of equipment can add up fast. Rather than spending full price on new equipment, though, you can cut costs by purchasing gently used or refurbished equipment which will let you continue to operate as needed but save a lot of money.




If your office building is poorly insulated or uses outdated equipment to heat and cool offices or to run the lights, you could be spending a lot more on utilities than you need to be. Instead of paying the costly bill, try replacing light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs and swapping your thermostat for a smart control device. If it’s within your control, updating the HVAC system is worth the money—if it’s not your call you should lobby for it. Simple changes like these can save you hundreds of dollars a year.


Providers and Vendors


Providers and vendors are a necessary part of business, and you may have found the best partnership possible at the best price possible. Remember, though, that everything is negotiable. One way to save money with providers and vendors is to approach them and ask for a better rate or offer to trade services instead of money. If they aren’t interested, you may want to consider shopping around and looking into new providers (such as CRMs) to see if you can find a better rate and save some money in the long-run.


Areas in Which You Shouldn’t


Research and Testing


When you’re just getting started or will be putting out a new product, it’s important to conduct research and do testing to ensure that everything is as it should be. While it may be tempting to cut out a test or to cut back on research time to save money, you could end up costing yourself even more down the road if something goes wrong. It’s always worth doing your due diligence, taking your time, and paying the cost of research and testing.




There are a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to running a business. Whether your product causes an injury or a contractor sneaks in language that causes you a lot of harm, it’s good to have legal counsel or a lawyer like Aaron Kelly on your team who can ensure that you’re protected and taken care of in the case of an unfortunate event. Although it’s cheaper to use the online legal services than it is to hire a lawyer, that’s one area you won’t want to cut costs in case something does go wrong.


Customer Satisfaction


Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. If they’re unhappy and dissatisfied, they’ll leave. And if they all leave, you’ll have no business. While you don’t need to be sending each of your customers a gift every month, it’s worth the effort to ensure that they’re satisfied, send out surveys, and make adjustments as they suggest to keep them happy and loyal to your brand.


Although you shouldn’t cut costs in every area of business, there are some in which you can make small adjustments and save big. What areas of business are costing you the most and how can you cut costs in them and save?

The Drug Shop Information Retail Excellence Honors (REX) make every effort to aid merchants in identifying those brands that could help them make a distinction in conference customer requirements.


This is specifically essential with the sped up growth of the HBC all-natural items segment, a category that has been expanding gradually at double-digits for at least five years. The cutting-edge Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake berry-based supplements were among the brands distinguished by the current Drug Store Information Retail Quality honor.


Award Winning, All-natural Rest and also Energy Supplements

Honor Winning, Natural Sleep, and Power Supplements

Berry Sleepy is a powerful, natural incredibly fruit-based sleep aid. Berry Sleepy had its start in Kansas City with two sleep-deprived parents looking for an all-natural means to get some much- required sleep.


Adrienne and also Greg Doring had attempted a lot of the nonprescription artificial rest help but significantly delayed by the unpleasant adverse effects. The young pair chose they would certainly venture to earn a far better sleep aid, natural without any side effects.


With Adrienne’s, a pharmacologist, the Dorings were able to collaborate with the ideal formulators that recognized their mission. It was right here that Berry Sleepy birthed.


The pair saw the demand for their item in the marketplace and wished to assist others in accomplishing a good night’s rest without artificial additives or side effects and also enhancing the high quality of their lives as they had with Berry Sleepy.


In 2016, with the help of Tim Prier and also James Lacey, the firm moved its main office to Westlake Town, The Golden State.


From there James Lacey, as well as his team at Healthy and balanced Ventures, have broadened the Berry Sleepy product to include a 60-count (SRP 24.99), a 24-count veg cap (SRP $9.99) and Berry Sleepy Rest Shots in two wonderful sampling tastes, Strawberry as well as Mixed Berry (SRP $3.99).


The Healthy and balanced Ventures team has increased the line to include a natural method to awaken with Berry Awake Power shots! Lacey’s group saw the requirement for an all-natural alternative to the synthetic energy shots that ruin the body. Berry Awake presently is available in Strawberry as well as Mixed Berry with two brand-new flavors, Orange-Mango as well as Strawberry-Banana, due out in the second half of 2018. All Berry Awake Power shots are line priced at an SRP of $3.99.


Not only has Lacey’s team increased Berry Sleepy’s line of product and included a brand-new group to their repertoire with Berry Awake Natural Power Shots, yet they have additionally partnered with the acclaimed Kathy Ireland. The Berry Sleepy group spoke with by Kathy Ireland on her show, Modern Coping with Kathy Ireland, on intelligent rest solutions. They will be recording at Burbank Studios on April 17, 2018.

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