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Brad Roemer is a real estate analyst out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s got over ten years of experience under his belt: first as a distressed-debt real estate analyst at REO Homes, then, for the better part of his career, as an Associate at RLO Development. In his most recent role, Brad Roemer analyses potential value-add investment and ground-up development opportunities. He also does a little bit of business development.


Although known for his real estate investment prowess, Roemer also has some knowledge of the fast food industry. McDonald’s, after all, is a real estate business (go see the movie The Founder). And there are other like it. So without further ado we will let Mr. Roemer present his case study.


Krispy Kreme went from trouble, to a $1.3 Billion acquisition and I’m gonna tell you how it happened.


1937, Where It All Began


It all got started in 1937, when Vernon Rudolph founded Krispy Kreme. He discovered a recipe for yeast dough donuts, which was a new innovation in donut technology at the time. The yeast dough donuts were lighter and fluffier because the yeast would rise, unlike donuts from other confectionaries.


The company grew, and had a good run for many years, and was a bought and sold off for a few times to parent companies. One notable acquisition was in 1976, by the food conglomerate Batrice. But then Beatrice started doing badly and it hurt the valuation of Krispy Kreme, so the management got some money together and bought Krispy Kreme back. Which brings us to the IPO.


2000 IPO


Up until the IPO the company has been doing pretty well. Then they hired a new CEO, Scott Livingood. This is where the trouble started. Initially, the IPO got off to a great start.

The trouble started in the mid 2004 when the company was investigated by the SEC. Scott Livingood had arranged the accounting such that the company would always meet their quarterly projections falsely by stuffing the channel. One of the ways the parent company was would make money according to its business model was to sell supplies to the franchisees. That Livingood did was send the supplied to the franchisees even when they didn’t order them, and write it off as a revenue. If it doesn’t sound right, that’s because it’s fraudulent, and only a matter of time before its discovered.


By the end of 2005, the stock was crashing down like a rock, and Scott Livingood was fired.


The Recovery


New CEOs were rotated in and inherited the issue, but eventually the company recovered. The real uplift came when James Morgan was brought in. Among other things he stopped the company from bleeding money and expanded it to an international presence. Finally, having proven itself, the company was acquired by private equity firm Jab-Beech in 2016.

Taragh Bracken is a family lawyer who has tackled all types of cases, from the typical sticky divorce case all the way through criminal junctions such as domestic abuse and kidnapping. Her favourite type of case however is to pass lawful marriage contracts for a new, vibrant Canadian couple.


Divorce Lawyers Know Best

For a lawyer who has seen all types of relationships, from those that are inevitably destroyed beyond return to those that seem to harvest everlasting sparks and joy, Bracken has the best advice for young couples who are thinking about marrying each other. If you want to know whether you are truly marrying the right person, there are a few key-sake areas that you must consider.


Overall Joy and Mental Support

No one is going to be joyful all the time. Your partner is going to go through tough times in their life, from the death of a loved one, to career changes where they are feeling lost, to the frenzy of having children for the first time ever. If you’re someone who has difficulty compartmentalizing your emotions, then one part of your life that may seem to fall in shambles can quickly affect the other happier parts of your life. Nonetheless, if you feel like that special person in your life has brought you strength, motivation and joy despite the troublesome moments that you’ve been dealing with, this is a big plus towards making the final decision of marriage. A true sign of a healthy relationship is when your significant other boasts you up and encourages your emotional growth.


Affection and Friendship is the Foundation

It’s easy to spew out loving words, such as the “I love you” and “You’re the love of my life.” Saying it is one thing, showing it through actions is quite another side of the spectrum. Love can be defined in actions by indications that your significant other listens to you carefully, shows extreme respect towards your feelings, remembers your birthday and loves to celebrate you during the brightest moments of your life, shows you affection without any particular reason and makes an effort to kiss you hello and goodbye. Sometimes it’s the little things that make up a massive part of the love you feel for one another.

The vacuum not only increases the shelf life of your food, but thanks to the sealing of the packaging, it also helps keep your own refrigerator. But, to offer you this type of conservation, you will necessarily need a vacuum machine. Thus, given the wide variety of these packers available on the market, there are special criteria that you can rely on to make a quality choice. Here are some guidelines.

The power of the device

The power of a vacuum machine is probably the first criterion to consider when buying. Indeed, a low power packer should be suitable for domestic use. However, if you frequently use the vacuum machine, you will need a machine of good power (greater than 130 W) as the model Maxima 2 of the brand Magic Vac. This way you will avoid recurring overheating and breakdown problems. To know in details about Mpf vacuum feed through you can go through the manual.

The suction speed of the vacuum machine

The other important criterion for choosing your wrapper is the suction capacity. Depending on the model and the brand, some machines suck appropriately and quickly indoor air between the food and packaging. It is towards this type of device that you must orient yourself. The suction capacityexpressed in liters / minute reflects the performance of the device and therefore its capacity for food preservation. Note that there are machines with automatically or manually adjustable suction capacity to facilitate suction while avoiding crushing the food to be vacuumed.

Aesthetics and integrated functions

We all have a penchant for products with a certain aesthetic. That’s why the compact models of vacuum packing machines will make you happy. The dimensions of the device (length, width and height) as well as its weight are therefore criteria to consider when choosing your wrapper to not end up with a machine too bulky and difficult to move.

In addition to this aspect, the functions integrated in the various devices allow an easy and intuitive use of the latter. So, rest assured that your device comes with an easy-to-understand user guide even from a beginner.

The price of the vacuum machine

The budget to be allocated to the purchase of your equipment occupies an important place in the criteria of choice and you will not say the opposite. For this, you can already turn to the model which is declined as the cheapest of the three best vacuum packers of the year 2018. However, if you want to integrate the quality factor, the choice of the second best ranking machine will suit you.

Finally, when looking for a robust device that guarantees longevity, expert does not hesitate to shell out what it takes to have it. For an optimally efficient machine that can be used as a sponsor, you must invest in the first on the list of the best vacuum packers of 2018.


The selection of strollers is so big that you can easily lose track. From the classic stroller over module systems with countless options to futuristic looking chassis you can find pretty much everything in the catalogs and shops. Of course, when choosing the gut feeling – what car we like and with what we cannot make friends with us?

Since the stroller is one of the most important and unfortunately the most expensive purchases, if you expect a baby, you should think about these questions before buying but a few:

  • On what surface (asphalt, cobblestones, dirt roads, etc.) You use the stroller the most? Small wheels and plastic wheels are more suitable for even surfaces; large rubber wheels are also suitable for uneven floors.
  • Are you traveling a lot , i.e. does the stroller need to be stowed in the trunk of the car or do you often use public transport?
  • Are you planning more children for whom you would like to use the car later?
  • Should the stroller be used from birth to kindergarten age or would you like to buy a second car later?
  • How much money do you want to spend a maximum and at which points of your dream pram could you cut back on the budget?

If you are planning to buy a little Canadian double stroller online, then also you need to answer these questions to yourself first.

The classic stroller

The classic stroller usually has four relatively large wheels and a removable carrycot or soft carrycot. It is suitable right from birth, but cannot be used as long, because the little ones will eventually see more of the world and no longer want to lie.

In general, classic strollers are stocked with large air-filled rubber tires and have a very good suspension. They offer optimal conditions for pushing on uneven surfaces: Mom has it when pushing is not so difficult and her baby is softly sprung in the cozy couch.

Advantages of the classic stroller:

  • Traditional, noble appearance
  • Frame mostly made of light materials (aluminum, light metal steel)
  • Good suspension
  • Good tires
  • High stability by large tires and wide wheelbase

Disadvantages of small classic stroller:

  • Even folded often very bulky
  • Suitable only for the first 10 to 12 months
  • Less flexible than pram

The classic stroller is right for you if

  • You are looking for a stroller with a traditional and noble look.
  • You want a sturdy stroller without a lot of bells and whistles.
  • You are looking for an easy-to-use stroller.
  • You would prefer to use a smaller second car (eg buggy) later.
  • You are not traveling frequently by car.
  • Your stroller should provide plenty of storage space for shopping
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