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If you are embarking on the journey to running your own bakery, you will no doubt be planning everything down to the minor details. The floor plan is no small feat to accomplish, and it depends on a number of different factors. It will allow you to visualise the final layout and allow lenders and investors to visualise it too. De


ing on the themes, products, and budget, here are tips to create the best floor plan for your new bakery.

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All About the Space

Take time to map out the plan on a computer or other device first. Having sketches is very good to start off with, but having a solid digital plan is helpful for dimensions, so you can use the space to its best capacity. You need to ensure that the aisles are spacious and allow for maximum movement. Consider customers with pushchairs, wheelchairs, children and bags of shopping. They should be at least four feet wide to allow for manoeuvring and to make customers feel free and not trapped.

At the front of your store should be a beautifully presented display freezer or unit with your most visually appealing products, so make sure to leave space at the front for that, alongside notes for what you want this area to look like. Once people enter the bakery, they must feel the space you created with your wide aisles, and remember to direct people to the right-hand side.

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Different Floor Plans

Every bakery has a unique and appealing floor plan. You can opt for a straight floor plan, made up of straight aisles and corners being put to full use with corner displays. It’s efficient and fail-safe, if a little boring.

If that doesn’t appeal, you can go for the angular design. It uses curved displays or fridges from places such as to create open spaces and a quirky layout. It is less of a blank canvass, but gives you a lot of creative freedom. Failing those two, a diagonal floor plan is a safe option, good for controlling traffic flow and particularly useful for self-serve bakeries.

Whichever floor plan you go for, the benefits for each are clear. All you need to remember is to utilise your space well. Good luck with it, and happy baking.

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