Taragh Bracken is a family lawyer who has tackled all types of cases, from the typical sticky divorce case all the way through criminal junctions such as domestic abuse and kidnapping. Her favourite type of case however is to pass lawful marriage contracts for a new, vibrant Canadian couple.


Divorce Lawyers Know Best

For a lawyer who has seen all types of relationships, from those that are inevitably destroyed beyond return to those that seem to harvest everlasting sparks and joy, Bracken has the best advice for young couples who are thinking about marrying each other. If you want to know whether you are truly marrying the right person, there are a few key-sake areas that you must consider.


Overall Joy and Mental Support

No one is going to be joyful all the time. Your partner is going to go through tough times in their life, from the death of a loved one, to career changes where they are feeling lost, to the frenzy of having children for the first time ever. If you’re someone who has difficulty compartmentalizing your emotions, then one part of your life that may seem to fall in shambles can quickly affect the other happier parts of your life. Nonetheless, if you feel like that special person in your life has brought you strength, motivation and joy despite the troublesome moments that you’ve been dealing with, this is a big plus towards making the final decision of marriage. A true sign of a healthy relationship is when your significant other boasts you up and encourages your emotional growth.


Affection and Friendship is the Foundation

It’s easy to spew out loving words, such as the “I love you” and “You’re the love of my life.” Saying it is one thing, showing it through actions is quite another side of the spectrum. Love can be defined in actions by indications that your significant other listens to you carefully, shows extreme respect towards your feelings, remembers your birthday and loves to celebrate you during the brightest moments of your life, shows you affection without any particular reason and makes an effort to kiss you hello and goodbye. Sometimes it’s the little things that make up a massive part of the love you feel for one another.

We all have off days where our productivity levels take a dip. For some people, it could be days or a week at a time especially if we’re stressed tired or have hit hard times. During this time, our physical and mental states make it hard for us, and when we do, we long for the day to end so we can tuck ourselves in for the night. That, however, doesn’t have to be your narrative. Here are a few things to motivate yourself and get your mind back into focus.


Most of us feel overwhelmed and bogged down when our to-do list gets out of hand. When you wake up, go through your list and determine what’s both critical and urgent. If it can’t be put off for another day, then make that the primary task to undertake. Do this daily, and you’ll soon see your jobs become fewer and more manageable. Before making a to-do list, assess your previous day’s goal- was it done or do you need more time? This approach lets you monitor your progress. You don’t want to call a brain injury lawyer Vancouver has because you had a work injury from fatigue.

Reward yourself

Every time you finish a task, reward yourself. You don’t have to overindulge with a tub of ice cream or a trip to the spa. To make it easy, have a look online for little things you can do to make yourself feel special and write them down, that way when the time comes you to one thing and check if off the list. That could be taking a walk to the park, visiting a bookstore or buying your favorite brand of coffee. Doing this continuously helps keep your motivated. Rewards also tend to cheers up and make everything we do feel worthwhile.

Find a cheerleading squad

Demotivation is more common than you think- look around, and you might spot those how are having a hard time concentrating. Look for like-minded colleagues with whom you can encourage each other to get through your workload on days you’re not quite in the mood to get work done. Your family or friends are as good- with a reliable support system, procrastination becomes easier to beat. There are also free apps you can install on your phone or desktop that can help keep your energy levels up.

Be your cheerleader

Sometimes you won’t have the support system you need. Practice positive self-talk. A good playlist with music you like can do well to liven up your mood. Procrastination is mainly mood-related so listen to upbeat music that’ll encourage you to get work done.

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