That dreaded (or exciting) July moving date is quickly approaching, and you may be tempted to go on a crazy shopping spree to buy the nicest furniture that you believe you deserve. You may be wistfully pushing IKEA aside for the likes of West Elm and Linen Chest. Certain objects can cost you a leg, an arm and the entirety of your torso for nothing more than your ego! None of your future apartment guests will care to investigate how much you spent on that new sofa. An IKEA one will look just as comfortable, especially if you dress it up with a nice throw rug and a few colorful pillows. Even a sweet grab of a rug to soften the cold ground below your feet will be appreciated.


Oftentimes, the same Handy personnel who moves customers in and out will are the same Handy cleaners for their apartments following the move. This makes for an interesting experiment where Handy can adequately juxtapose the climate of their practically empty apartment compared to the weeks over time that accumulate new pieces. New homes are not meant to become furnished over time. If you want to do it properly, and within a reasonable budget where you make sure to opt for investment purchases (often a little more expensive), then you should wait it out. You know what they say: The best things in life deserve a long wait, maybe not a long line… but definitely a long wait!


However, there are at least five things you should remember to purchase, or at very least have delivered upon arrival to your cross-city or cross-country travel. Handy can help with sending over a mattress by driving all the way to the store (local Dormez-Vous or Brault & Martineau is ok) and transport it all the way to your new apartment if you don’t want to rely on shipping on one of the busiest days of the year.


The second items that you should never neglect are one item in your living room that you can’t help but have big google-y eyes over. When you arrive to a new apartment, you’ll likely have a few days where you’ll be sitting on your table (for lack of those wood-paved chairs) eating yesterday’s Chinese dinners. Give yourself something to get excited for, such as a Georgia O’Keefe painting or a reclaimed-wood arm chair that fits just snuggly near your foyer.


The third item is more than one single item, it’s a whole basket of them: Don’t fear away from going to IKEA when you first move in. There will be bare necessities such as spoons, cupboards and a TV stand—even if you have a Handy TV mounter come do the extra work—that need to be purchased.


When you first move into a spot, you are likely not overflowing with items. However, make sure it never gets to that point by creating your own DIY shelving design so that you always stay organized.


Finally, a house plant will bring warmth to your pleasant abode. One that catches fruit flies? Even a better addition to the kitchen! Go green and you’ll realize that you will never go back.

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